Comoparardefumar Quest Sandwich Maker, 700 Watt, Red:Comoparardefumar
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Quest Sandwich Maker, 700 Watt, Red:Comoparardefumar

Quest Published in September 19, 2018, 3:03 am
 Quest Sandwich Maker, 700 Watt, Red:Comoparardefumar

Quest Sandwich Maker, 700 Watt, Red:Comoparardefumar

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D Davies
D Davies Reply to on 27 August 2017
Broke on the first sandwiches we made. We followed the instructions to a the T and I have been among toasted sandwiches for over 30 years now and I know what I am doing. This is the second sandwich toaster I have owned in all that time. I know it's cheap but it should still last longer than four pieces of bread. I'd return it but it I really can't be bothered. This will teach me not to buy this kind of thing from Amazon. Joke
lillian G
lillian G Reply to on 11 June 2017
Well its a simple process isn't it.. butter bread insert filling then place in the maker to toast..But perhaps I am doing something wrong! The bread has got to be trimmes first of all.. then no matter how much /or less filling I use, cheese abd pil from the butter seeps through the machinw dripping on the counter whilst the machine hissess & steams throughout the smelly process. I have to diligently clean it after evey single use. But hey, my 5 year old & 9 yesr old boys love their heated sarnies so I will plough on. Don't expect more than a simple snack really.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 September 2017
Terrible sandwich toaster. Chose this model due to price and reviews, but regret my decision. You need to use small loaf slices, medium sliced only. And then its a lottery whether you get a decent toasted sandwich. The cheese seeps out of the bread before the sandwich is anywhere close to getting crisp. If you leave it longer in the vain hope the sandwich will get toasted, the cheese escapes down the back of the toaster. Gutted.
Mrs. Katy Holmes
Mrs. Katy Holmes Reply to on 19 August 2017
Very poor quality item i could have brought 1 from asda for £5 that worked better very disappointed returning the item. Avoid its very flimsy and with just a little grated onion and cheese on medium sliced bread it wouldn't close was so looking forward to a toast. :( :(
Steven Reply to on 20 March 2018
Absolutely awful. Used 3 times and twice it tripped my circuit breaker. Definitely some sort of electrical fault with it. For safety sake do not buy
Betty Scott
Betty Scott Reply to on 18 July 2017
Not impressed, should have spent a little more and got a known make, I followed all the instruction but the light system which tells you when it is ready doesn't function properly both green and red light stay on
Katerina Reply to on 7 January 2016
Difficult to clear, it is getting quite oil-y and as hard as you wipe it, you can't get rid of the grease. The green light is supposed to turn on when you plug in the toaster and then when off, the toaster is ready. Well the light never goes on. Only the red light turns on when the toaster is plugged in. But, it makes toasts, so it's OK.
lillian Reply to on 21 August 2018
This product looks really good and is a fairly nice little machine. But when you make a toasty there is very little space between the plates when they close so alot of the filling ends up on the worktop and the plates are too small for the average slice of bread which means you get left with chunks of uncooked bread around the outside
M Webb
M Webb Reply to on 12 November 2017
This only gets 1star because you can't leave a review with 0 stars.
Takes forever to warm up and only toasts part of each slice of bread. If you use a filling that melts when hot and leave it so the bread is anything more than part toasted you're left with partially toasted bread and filling over whatever the toaster is standing on.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 March 2018
On the third sandwich this toaster caught fire and melted through the metal plate that toasts the sandwich!
Very dangerous and very poor quality.
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