Comoparardefumar Love Them and Leave Them A story of love, families, friendship and a world of possibilities:Comoparardefumar
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Love Them and Leave Them A story of love, families, friendship and a world of possibilities:Comoparardefumar

Sue Shepherd
Sue Shepherd Published in September 19, 2018, 3:04 am
 Love Them and Leave Them A story of love, families, friendship and a world of possibilities:Comoparardefumar

Love Them and Leave Them A story of love, families, friendship and a world of possibilities:Comoparardefumar


Fiona Trowbridge
Fiona Trowbridge Reply to on 20 April 2017
What would your life be like if you had made a different decision at some point?

Sue Shepherd explores this idea following the lives of Jessica, Nick, Chris and Coco based on a split decision by Jessica's father as to whether to hit a rabbit or swerve to avoid it. This results in a captivating story where the two outcomes lead to different lives for all the characters. Sue effectively switches from one set of circumstances to the other with each different chapter, leaving a tantalising mini cliffhanger at the end of each one which I inevitably forgot as I became engrossed in the next chapter and the other lives of the same people.

I loved Sue's first book 'Doesn't Everyone Have A Secret', and I was delighted that 'Love Them and Leave Them', although unrelated, was as good a page turner as its predecessor. Looking forward to book number 3.
Mary G
Mary G Reply to on 4 March 2017
Having really enjoyed ‘Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret’ I was looking forward reading this book. I was not disappointed. Sue Shepherd has a way of interweaving a number of storylines with deceptive ease.
Love them and Leave them is a clever, enjoyable novel. I was immediately drawn into the story as Ed is placed in a dilemma I could easily identify with. He is forced to make the kind of spilt second decision that can determine the rest of our lives.
I really liked the central character Jessie, in both versions.
This story will make you laugh; cry and it will make you think. Highly recommend
a Reply to on 17 April 2017
I loved this from the outset. Just like the film, Sliding Doors, this begins with a pivotal moment, and spirals off into 2 parallel universes... initially it takes concentration but then you settle into the 2 different existences without effort. Sue paints 2 utterly different lives, it leaves you wondering how on earth it can possibly be resolved... or will it be? And does it matter? I found this thought provoking from the outset and can't wait to read my next book from this fabulous writer.
Caroline Hodgson
Caroline Hodgson Reply to on 16 March 2017
Having read Sue's previous book I was excited to see that 'Love them and Leave Them' was available to pre-order and once it arrived on my Kindle I was not disappointed. This book grips you from the very beginning and it makes you wonder if the genre of romantic comedy is incorrect. However,,as the story progresses it becomes apparent that it is and that it is easy to fall for the characters and also easy to see their strengths and flaws. I found myself shouting out loud at some of them as they made bad decisions, decisions that me, as the reader, could see were going to take a turn for the worst! I was willing them to get it right!

Sue uses clever little tricks to let you know which path of the story you are reading and as with her previous book, it leaves you feeling that you want to read more. I await her next book with great anticipation. :-)
newreviewer Reply to on 2 October 2016
This book is a mix of "who dunne it" / drama / deep and meaningful, with a generous portion of love and romance. The eclectic feel makes this book stand out from others. The authors previous book "doesn't everyone have a secret" was completely different yet a still a good read.

In this book: bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people. It was fascinating following the twists and turns of the book, keeping me guessing what was going to happen right to the end.

This book tackles the realities of death and grief in a real way, but the flow of the stories carries you through the book. For anyone who has been touch by grief, this book really echoes with understanding both loss and love.
Lucy B
Lucy B Reply to on 23 April 2017
I really enjoyed this book. It's thought provoking, funny, sad, everything all in one. I think everyone's wondered at some point how their life would have been had they have made different choices. It was really interesting how Sue weaved both lives together and all the same characters in different situations. I loved it! I'll definitely read more from this author.
lilac Reply to on 20 February 2017
We've all wondered at some point in our lives what if my life took a different turn? And Love Them and Leave Them explores exactly that; two different paths of Jessica's life. Ms Shepherd takes us smoothly from one life to the other as we follow Jessica through her trials and tribulations with some really lovely storytelling and clever plots running in parallel.
This is a really enjoyable read with all the elements of a good story: great characters, humour, sentiment and a bit of suspense all of which gives us the desire to keep reading.
A definite recommended read.
C. White
C. White Reply to on 10 November 2016
I've often had this conversation with a very good friend of mine, just by turning up at the early round of a cup competition, you affect who is the eventual winner. This excellent book has a similar concept, a split second decision that you make, eventually leads other peoples lives in a completely different direction. Thought provoking stuff. You're never too far away from a smile or a laugh with this author and just when you're least expecting it, a surprise or shock comes in from left field. An enjoyable read, I look forward to more of her work.
Linda Butler
Linda Butler Reply to on 7 October 2016
I often wondered what it would be like if I had made a different decision in my life and how my life would've panned out. How similar would it be? Are we destined to be with that certain person or to never find them? If a different decision was taken would a bad person become a good person, or is it so deeply embedded that no matter what happens we can't change our nature.

I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. I'm wondering what to do now I've finished it............
Michelle Reply to on 21 August 2018
I was glued to this book from the start. I love the way it is written and how the parallell stories develop. A highly recommended read.
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