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Orchard Ackworth A0:Comoparardefumar

Orchard Published in September 19, 2018, 3:46 am
 Orchard Ackworth A0:Comoparardefumar

Orchard Ackworth A0:Comoparardefumar

Price:£320.10+ Free shipping

Andrew Reply to on 4 September 2014
Fantastic drawing board well built and easy to store as the unit folds back. All I need to do now is purchase the board protector. When the initial order was made it was for the A1 size not selecting the correct size A0, so I contacted the seller whilst this order was in dispatch and the wonderfull lady whom I spoke to changed the boards around for me without loosing my delivery date which was two days latter. I DON'T do reviews but this was an exception due to rapid delivery and an amazing customer service support, thank you very much appreciated :) big smile
skymarte Reply to on 15 January 2014
Initially the board was delivered in good time, unfortunately the motion that came with the board was perspex, which was so static it was sticking to trace and ink was bleeding under the edge. I contacted Orchard about the problem and they responded very quickly and sent me the original metal/perspex rule, which is illustrated on their web site. Free of charge. This solved the problem straight away. I am now very pleased with my purchase. Their after care service is excellent.
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