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Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales:Comoparardefumar

Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter Published in September 19, 2018, 3:04 am
 Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales:Comoparardefumar

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales:Comoparardefumar

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Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 December 2016
Thank You The Book People!Great service,very fast delivery,came well before expected date and very well packed.I was delighted when I opened a parcel,this set is lovely,beautiful edition,truly outstanding quality and good price.Highly recommend!
B. Rutherfoord
B. Rutherfoord Reply to on 3 May 2016
I was surprised when this arrived on kindle. I got this so I could read the book on kindle while my grandchildren held the book. I was suprised that the pictures on kindle were so good. Even if the child had the kindle they would still get the full Beatrix Potter experience at a very low cost.
Yi-Peng Reply to on 21 October 2012
It is a great treat to listen to these superb 1980s recordings of Beatrix Potter's tales.

These recordings feature the superb voice talents of voice actors such as Sir Michael Hordern, Timothy West and Rosemary Leach. Their readings are taken at a very steady pace that still moves forward. Each actor savours the words in the stories and adjusts his inflection to suit the different moods of each tale. In dramatic passages they don't overact and they don't try to sound overcooked even though Beatrix Potter shows us that nature can be cruel. In many cases, such as Patricia Routledge's readings of Samuel Whiskers and Pigling Bland, they are sensitive to the Cumbrian settings and adopt the appropriate North Country accents to suit the Lake District settings.

The wind quintet music by Carl Davis lends itself perfectly to these superb presentations. They only accent the stories but they don't upstage them. This set of recordings allows them to play an inextricable part in these presentations.

I like the way that the stories are grouped according to themes. As such, the Peter Rabbit stories and the mouse stories are grouped together. My favourite is the volume with the Sawrey stories featuring Tom Kitten, Jemima Puddle-duck, Ribby and Samuel Whiskers. It was the first volume I ever heard and so I'm attached to it. The Tom Kitten stories act as bookends to the rest of the stories.

The only sleeper story is Little Pig Robinson. Although Timothy West reads it superbly the story is still quite dull. Written in the later period of Beatrix Potter's life it tends to amble along to nowhere. So it might not be as sharp and incisive as the bulk of the collection.

This is the kind of collection that can relax you on one of those long, cold nights, and it might be especially appropriate to listen to them over the coming Christmas period to escape from the commercial clamour of the season.

This is such an unbeatable collection and I hope that Penguin keeps this in print forever. Every child and adult needs to listen to these Beatrix Potter recordings.
Roseanne Reply to on 22 March 2017
I bought this for my nephews christening as I wanted something that he could keep that I could personalise myself (by writing in the inside cover). Also bought alongside a little Peter Rabbit toy, which I think made a nice gift.
It's a lovely book with lots of illustrations - I'd recommend!
Gardenpixie Reply to on 21 June 2018
These books have been bought for our new baby grandson as a gift, for when he is a bit older. Our two sons loved the Peter Rabbit books and this offer, complete with neat book case was hard to resist! (The case is strong and covered with illustrations of the pretty characters). These books are the original stories and illustrations, and we can't wait to read them all over again!
Ignacio Javier Cardone
Ignacio Javier Cardone Reply to on 29 August 2018
We bought this thinking that it was the index on the photograph, so that includes the whole collection of tales. It warns that correspond to other edition, but not that actually is not the same content, so if you don't pay much attention to where it says that it is only three tales and you don't know the tales (which is my case) it could be a little disappointing. The edition itself is of a fair quality, but nothing fancy. Of course that due to the price we weren't expected anything extraordinary, but overall we found it disappointing. I would not recommend this product and I would certainly require to change the photographs of the content as they're misleading.
Mrs. M. Baillie
Mrs. M. Baillie Reply to on 4 March 2016
I adore it and have always had the greatest admiration for Beatrice Potter and her life's work. I am a retired teacher and love holidaying with my husband in the Lake district. We are regular visitors to the museum/centre in Windermere too.
Probably one the nicest 'reads' on my kindle.
FAMOUS NAME Reply to on 30 December 2012
This is such a BEAUTIFUL and SUMPTUOUS edition of the `complete' tales from Beatrix Potter! Any child (or adult alike) would be simply delighted with this! All 23 books are here - complete with the original and colourful pictures! It comes beautifully and expensively bound with a luxurious blue dust jacket - and as if that's not enough; complete with quality thick board slip-case too! An absolute DELIGHT!

I'm not ashamed to say that I shall probably be purchasing a second copy of this - not to use, but as I want to keep one in use by the side of my bed, I also wish to keep a copy that will not be used and cannot get spoiled - it's just so GORGEOUS to have!

This really is SUCH a bargain at Amazon - almost half the printed price of forty pounds on the actual slip-case!

Nobody should be without Beatrix Potter - it's part of life - ALWAYS!

A THOUSAND Stars from me!!
JQuenb Reply to on 5 January 2017
I just love this set, we bought it as a 1st Christmas present for our granddaughter , she's obviously too young for them but they are something that can go on a shelf in the nursery, I have many happy memories of these books both as a child and also with my children they are truly lovely stories and wonderful pictures in them, it comes in a lovely sturdy box too, I would definitely recommend buying these. The packaging was great too..
Diane Davies
Diane Davies Reply to on 19 May 2018
This was purchased as a gift and was delivered direct to the recipient. I am told however that it was well received and although the recipient is still too young to appreciate it her parents were thrilled for her. These books are hard backed and of good quality. I believe this to be value for money.
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