Comoparardefumar 4YourHome High Power Rechargeable Cordless Turbo Scrubber Cleaning Brush 7.4V Li-ion:Comoparardefumar
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4YourHome High Power Rechargeable Cordless Turbo Scrubber Cleaning Brush 7.4V Li-ion:Comoparardefumar

4 Your Home
4 Your Home Published in October 21, 2018, 2:58 pm
 4YourHome High Power Rechargeable Cordless Turbo Scrubber Cleaning Brush 7.4V Li-ion:Comoparardefumar

4YourHome High Power Rechargeable Cordless Turbo Scrubber Cleaning Brush 7.4V Li-ion:Comoparardefumar

Price:£29.99+ Free shipping with Schedulingsoftware Prime

Adam B.
Adam B. Reply to on 5 February 2018
This review is in 3 parts, Amazon, the Product & the supplier.

Amazon - 5 Stars - once again demonstrating why they are so popular

The Product - 4 Stars - Informercials are always overly optimistic, which is their job, but the product works fine. I will need to go over the bathroom a couple more times to get it as shiny as advertised but it certainly takes the hard labour out of cleaning.

The Supplier - 1 Star - What you see in the advert (6 heads) I think is the deluxe pack? sold elsewhere for £10 extra. It's certainly not what I received. I sent them an email, nothing, rang their number but they have changed company name so I got a voicemail and the new company name and the email address for info went by so quick I had to ring 3 times before I got it and it turns out to be a dead email address so nothing.
This is sold by other companies, I would buy it from them if I had to do it all over. I need to spend another £15 to get all the heads advertised in the picture. Why did you not send it back I hear you cry, well I had already used it and the product itself is fine so I will steer clear of "4YourHome" in the future.
mr A.Richardsona
mr A.Richardsona Reply to on 27 November 2017
arrived very quickly.very well made with plenty of accessories.did my bath and my floor with the extenders and what a great job it did. i am 80 so needed this.the different parts fit in very easily and i would def recommend , all in all great value
Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter Reply to on 2 August 2018
Only had this item for about a week but it has already made a difference. No more stretching to reach areas. No more back pain. I have seen other reviews stating there are problems if you put pressure on it. I can't speak for cheaper similar items, but if used correctly & with cleaning liquids, there will no need to apply a lot of pressure. It came with all the attachments/heads and also 3 microfibre cloths & a mesh bag not shown in the picture but noted in the description. Sturdy & ergonomic. Easy to charge (it comes with a 3 pin plug). The only drawback I can see as mentioned by a few other customers, is that it can be a bit difficult to pull the brush heads off the handle after use. Whilst that is not a problem for me as I bought this because of my back, it might have an impact of others with arthritis/problems with their hands. All in all, I love this gadget & wished I'd bought it sooner.
Goldy Reply to on 19 February 2018
Item works as described in the description.
It seems to be durable
I scrubbed my Bath, Tiles and my Cooker with this brush and they haven't looked cleaner in a very long time
Will definitely have to buy extra brush heads in the future (The brush heads seem to get worn out quickly)
I highly recommend this item.
mrs j mason
mrs j mason Reply to on 13 January 2018
only use it to wash kitchen floor as it is a little cumbersome when cleaning the shower.
Jocey Reply to on 17 May 2018
Great bit of kit! My only issue is that the main scrubber head is a bit of a struggle to fit onto the handle with the rechargeable battery and an even bigger struggle to pull them both apart. I have problems with my hands so this is disappointing, hence 4 stars
JONES OF WALES Reply to on 28 April 2018
Very useful. Saves a lot of stretching.
SUSAN F Reply to on 9 July 2018
Load of rubbish! Second time out, and after an over night charge, it gave two minutes of cleaning and just stopped - never to start again. Not able to contact the company, telephone number no longer exists. Instead a message with an unintelligible email address. Have to return to Amazon for a refund. No longer have original packaging - oh, joy !
MR P R WILSON Reply to on 3 September 2018
I use the buffer part for my bathroom tiles and it’s brilliant and cuts time too! Also used the skirting board cleaner fab also!! Really happy with my purchase!
Anne Real
Anne Real Reply to on 4 September 2018
This is brilliant. So easy to use. No problems with mine at all. Non stop cleaning at my house. Great price. Great product great service.
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